Friday, May 6, 2011

A word of two ;) *sepatah dua kata

hello everyone ! It's been a while that I posted something, sorry for slacking but my posting session is really due to my mood. I don't really feel like blogging all the time but I still need it at some point where I need to burst out whatever that's kept in my heart. Hope you guys will understand me :)

So, first off : I bought a new phone which is a Samsung somethingsomething *I've forgotten the model. Its a blackberry-like-phone which have QWERTY keypad, WiFi and stuff. Its a fun and affordable phone and I'm loving it <3 I hope to keep this phone as long as possible and hopefully no mugglers or thieves or whoever that loves taking my stuff will take this lovely phone away from me.

Secondly, its 6th May now and I'm having my mid-term exam which just started but seems suckish --" I hate exams, I really do. Though not 100% hate because I'll be free from homeworks during exam weeks :D hee. Wish me the best of luck and I wish you guys the best as well.

And lastly, I went to MARTIN tuition center just now to take up Physics class :) That place seems nice and friendly and I hope to have a great year there. I'm gonna be all alone on the first day and I do hope that I'll get new friends on the same day. Haha
So that's all for today :) I hope you guys feel updated now and I hope I didn't bore you. If I did I don't think you'll still be reading now. Thank you for keeping up and I hope you guys have a great day :D byebye

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