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Friday, April 15, 2011

okay, I'm sorry :( I do not know how to get that song to you guys so you guys have to get to that song. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. So if you guys do prefer this song, you can download it :) haha, thank you and sorry again. Below are the lyrics :-

From A Friend <3

When you're sad
I'll sing sad songs to you
When you cry
I'll share my tears with you

I will laugh at you and pick you up
If you, ever fall down
I will pick on you and make fun of you
If you, ever need a laugh

Cause that's what friends are for
To laugh with you
To cry with you
To share the darkest secrets with you
Ooh, no denial
I do love you
I do love you

I'll never praise you
Because I know you best
I'll never admit my love to you
Because I know you'll never guess
Every time I'll backstab you
But then I'll confront it to you

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